Friday, July 6, 2012

The Angry Video Game Nerd, The Nerdy Video Game

Pretty much everything in this was made in ZBrush, including the lighting & render passes -- for the exception of his glasses and pants (I figured I'd save some time just importing the glasses and pants I already made for another project).

Compositing was bounced back-and-forth between Photoshop and After Effects.

I wanted to try capturing the cheesy-RAD action vibe that many 80s video game covers had, espeically Konami and Ultra games, like Ikari Warriors, Contra, Metal Gear, etc...

It's been mentioned that my design is very close to the original Metal Gear cover on NES.
I have NO IDEA what they're talking about!

If you're not sure who the Angry Video Game Nerd is, you can check him out here

Anyways, that's my story.
If you have any comments or critiques, please let me know!