Saturday, March 17, 2012

"MiO Watering Hole: Nose Job" and "MiO Watering Hole: Cheetah" by Psyop

This product actually looks kind of scary, but as usually Psyop turns out a pretty impressive spot.

"Avoiding the mechanical output that often comes with traditional motion capture techniques, Psyop instead interpreted the live action performances, translating them into the world of the spot. This gave Psyop’s animators creative freedom to sculpt performances and massage comedic timing."

"The spot’s lush look is the result of a novel approach to production that effectively dissolves the line between live action and animation."

“Approaching a full CG spot with a live action mentality led us to an entirely new place,” said Creative Director Eben Mears of Psyop."

"Instead of shooting live action video plates on set, Psyop shot high resolution stills. These still images were then projected onto 3D geometry, creating a virtual set into which the 3D characters were later composited."

“There was a huge time savings in doing things this way,” explains Jon Saunders, Creative Director at Psyop. “We didn’t have to worry about tracking live action plates and getting our 3D cameras to match that movement. We just did all our camera moves in 3D and relied on our team of lighters and compositors to sell the look—which they did with flying colors.”

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