Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ian Farnsworth - Demo Reel 2011

Ian Farnsworth - Demo Reel 2011 from Ian Farnsworth on Vimeo.

This might as well be called my "SuckerPunch" reel since so much of this reel is work from the work I did on that movie while at Prime Focus (and it's not even all of it). :) Anyway, this has been sitting on my HD for a while now.. figured I might as well share it. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the talented crews I've worked with!

Also, to clarify, for Suckerpunch I was mainly responsible for:
*Gun Fire rig and many shots (muzzle flashes done by Brian Ritz)
*Train Track Dust rig and shots (some shots shared with Brian Ritz)
*City explosions / City explosion bubble / Building destrucion (Some buildings and additional bubble interaction was done by Martijn Van Herk)
*Jet Pack take-off
*Some robot face-smashing

--Will add a proper shot breakdown/list later on. :)

**Re-Uploaded higher quality version. Compression settings are much better this time around

Song is MGMT - Kids (Dagga Remix)

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