Friday, January 6, 2012

The Rabbit - Toy

Hey all,

This is my latest 3D model which I went ahead and got a physical prototype made via 3D printing.
I'm thinking of making a whole toy line. My idea is create characters of this style from the chinese zodiac. Each character would have it's little story that would relate to personality type of the sign.

Before i move forward in development, I would like to get some feedback from as many people as possible. So any thoughts, comment, and criticism would be greatly appreciated.

3D Render
This is the 3D model created in maya and textured in photoshop. With a quick file format conversion, it was sent for the 3D Print.

3D Print
I sent my model to shapeways where I got the full color print done in sandstone material.


  1. Hey Amjad,

    I would consider making the face smaller and or rounding the bottom of the model a little bit. Right now with that sharp flat bottom it looks a little like a severed rabbit head or a rabbit peeking over a counter top. On the whole I like the shape of the face and the head. Definitely a good start.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate the comments. If you guys would like to have a piece for yourselves please let me know. I would be happy to send one.