Thursday, January 19, 2012

Psyop "All in the Cloud" for IBM

IBM "All in the Cloud" - Psyop from Mark Rohrer on Vimeo.

Technical Director / CG Lead - I learned a lot on this one from the seriously talented team at Psyop. All 3d work done in Maya, rendered with mentalRay.

Agency - Ogilvy
Production - Psyop (
Creative Directors - Marie Hyon & Marco Spiers
Executive Producer - Lydia Holness
Senior Producer - Crystal Campbell
Producer - Kay Chen

Technical Director / CG Lead - Mark Rohrer
Lead Animator - Kitty Lin
Lead Compositor - Manu Gaulot

Modelling - Dan Fine, Todd Daniele, Soo Hee Han, Dave White, Rie Ito

Animation - Kitty Lin, Roman Kobryn, David Han, Consuelo Macri, Chang-Pei Wu

Rigging - Vadim Kiyaev, Rick Fronek

Lighting / Rendering - Dan Fine, Sylvia Apostol, Soo Hee Han, Dave White, Denis Kozyrev, Shuchen Lin

FX - Gregory Ecker (Houdini), Fabio Piparo (Maya)

Compositors - Manu Gaulot, John Loughlin, Herculano Fernandes, Carl Mok

Check out more Psyop work for IBM on Motionographer

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