Saturday, January 28, 2012

ELECTRIC THEATRE COLLECTIVE a new vfx house in London is making a name for itself

"A BRAND new visual effects company in London's Soho, the Electric Theatre is the lovechild of three young VFX guys with reputations for enhancing film projects through visionary flair, and is fast establishing itself as a bright new light in the world of advertising and film.

The varnish may have barely dried on our reception counter but Lee, James and Giles' pedigree is firmly established. Each of them a former star employee of industry giant The Mill, they have now welded together their carefully honed talents to create a gleaming, turbo charged post-production machine, right in the midst of the film and advertising capital.

A passion for ideas; CGI and compositing expertise; a dedication to VFX detail; the creative intelligence to bring subtlety when required or extravagance when desired - all of these qualities have landed our team an enviable CV littered with award-winning high profile commercials for the likes of Guinness, Nike, Hovis and Old Spice.

But while our prehistory evolved in the big business landscape, Electric Theatre's strength lies in the future and a small-business hunger driven by a personal passion that borders on obsession (anyone who needs convincing of that should just ask the Natural History Museum bird expert who James harangued for weeks while creating the angel wings in "Lynx's" Fallen Angels ad).

Existing relationships between our team and award winning directors, production companies and advertising agencies mean Electric Theatre is already on first name terms with leading lights throughout the industry.

We're ready to go, and looking forward to working with you soon."
Check out their work on their site:

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