Monday, December 12, 2011


So I painted this a few years ago and I haven touched since. I wanted to get some your thoughts on it.


  1. I can see 3 problems with this painting right away. 1st each object is essentially monochrome (meaning that it is basically one color either made lighter or darker by adding white or black). Monochrome objects don't actually exist in nature. If they did 3D rendering would be much simpler, but since they don't we have to use stuff like Global Illumination to try to mimic the way light reflects off objects and scatters color from one object to another. There is nothing wrong with monochrome but it should be a deliberate stylistic choice.(Cezanne is a good example of how to think about think about reflected color). 2nd watch your composition and how it effects your subject matter. This guy is kneeling kind of awkwardly. His knee is pushing up against the side of the image, and the tombstone is kind of shoehorned in to the corner. The whole composition is a little crowded. 3rd watch your drawing it is getting kind of wonky in there. Either this guy is really skinny or he is missing a back. If he is kneeling over this tombstone his pelvis should be right about where his thigh is right now. Head to the Met if you have time bring a sketch book and draw some of the sculptures there, don't try to make pretty drawings to show people, just try to figure out what the artist was thinking as he or she constructed their figures. The more time you spend doing that the better your drawings will be.

    Hope that helps,

  2. I would wish the behind story can be revealed more, such as more information about the tombstone,the environment, what's the relationship between each subjects(character, tomb, rose)..etc.
    For example, the guy looks unusual and has rock-gray skin, for that he might be a part of tombstone, and i would probably use it as story-base and re-composite everything to make the story stand out.