Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Leaving Santa, Coming Xmas'_122211_ShihHeng

Inspired by Psyop's new spot for Fedex-'Enchanted Forest', I make a new painting for coming X'mas.
And wish best holidays for friends at Digital Playpen.

Extra brushes I used:
1. Texturist:
2. Particle:

Brief making of:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Snow Angels" by Corrie Francis (Merry Christmas everyone)

A beautiful sand animation from Corrie Francis. Learn more about Corrie Francis here:

New Zealand Animation studio Mukpuddy posts their 2011Christmas Message

Find our more about Mukpuddy here:

"The Hobbit" trailer is out

I'm sure many LOTR fans are just drooling over this. Having grown up reading the Hobbit I must say I'm rather excited myself.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book trailer for "A Monster Calls" by Patrick Ness

"The After Effects animation was done by Eric Guémisebased on artwork by Jim Kay."

"Keloid" trailer by Barcelona based studio Big Lazy Robot

While this may look like live action director J.J. Palomo says it is entirely CG and below are the wireframe images to prove it. Great work from Barcelona based studio Big Lazy Robot (BLR).

Check out these wire frames and an interview with director J.J. Palomo on Motionographer.

You can also check out BLR's website here:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diablo III intro cinematic from Blizzard

More really impressive work from the folks at Blizzard for Diablo III.

"VORWERK Stadt der Milben" (Mite City) by German studio Sehsucht

VORWERK Stadt der Milben (Mite City) from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

Witness the rise and fall of dust mite civilization in this is a brilliant little commercial by German studio Sehsucht
Check out the making of,

VORWERK Stadt der Milben (Making of) from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Transformers Fall of Cybertron" trailer

Really nice work from director Neil Huxley and the folks at Digital Domain in this trailer for the video game "Transformers Fall of Cybertron". (much more entertaining than the Michael Bay films if you ask me)


So I painted this a few years ago and I haven touched since. I wanted to get some your thoughts on it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Caterham Super Seven WIP

This is my latest  model which will part of a larger still with a background and a character. The model is not quite done yet, still gotta model a few more things, UV, texture, and add shaders. Then I gotta start on the rest of the image. As always, any thoughts and critiques are welcome and insisted upon.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Poussière" (Dust)

"Poussière" made ​​by Vic Chhun, Leyla Kaddoura and Nicolas Ughen at France’s EMCA in Angoulême.

"The Fundamental Elements of Design" by Erica Gorochow

The Fundamental Elements of Design from Erica Gorochow on Vimeo.

Why pay for Art School when you could just watch this video?
You can check out Erica's website here:

Friday, December 9, 2011

CATIA V6 | Industrial Design | CATIA Natural Sketch Showreel

Amazing new 3D design software CATIA V6 lets you sketch your ideas in 3D. Find out more here:

"2011 Holiday Giving with Fred" spot for The Red Cross

"American Red Cross 2011 Holiday Giving with Fred, directed by Andy Hall / Elastic (Agency BBDO). Also check out 2011 Resolve to Give from the same campaign."

“The Man Who Had Never Been to the Cinema”

Telecine "Vá ao Cinema" from BEELD.motion on Vimeo.

"Telecine is a suite of cable movie channels in Brazil. This beautiful spot by Beeld Motion (Eduardo Tosto, Greco Bernardi, Luiz Maggessi, Marcelo Mourão,Papito, Victor Seabra, Filippo Johansson) uses five different directors, using different techniques, to relay its core message to stay home and watch movies."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Incredible Render test using "Mandelbulber" experimental software

"Mandelbulber is an easy to use, handy but experimental application designed to help you render 3D Mandelbrot fractals called Mandelbulb and some other kind of 3D fractals like Mandelbox, Bulbbox, Juliabulb, Menger Sponge"

"12 Drawings a Day" an animated diary.... Brilliant stuff I have to say

12 Drawings a Day - 12 Dessins par Jour from Denis Chapon on Vimeo.

"Denis Chapon has been animating twelve drawings a day—everyday—for the past four years. The resulting stream of conscious short feels like an animated journal, bursting with creative concepts and happy accidents. The drawings were all done in pen."

Concept work for Psyop's Fed Ex "Enchanted Forest" spot (You will also notice MFACA's very own MinSeok Jeon in the credits

You can check out a making of video and a brief interview about the piece on Motionographer:

“Enchanted Forest”
Client: FedEx

Agency: BBDO, New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Directors: Greg Hahn, Mike Smith
Executive Producers: Amy Wertheimer, Diane Hill
Sr. Creative Director/Art Director: Nick Klinkert
Sr. Creative Director/Copywriter: Tom Kraemer
Creative Director/Copywriter: Chris Beresford-Hill
Executive Music Producer: Rani Vaz

Production Company: Psyop/Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier
Psyop Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Psyop Line Producer: Donald Taylor
Psyop Senior Producer: Crystal Campbell
Smuggler Executive Producer/Partner Patrick Milling Smith
Smuggler Executive Producer/Partner Brian Carmody
Smuggler Executive Producer/COO: Lisa Rich
Smuggler Executive Producers: Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel
Smuggler Live action producer: Donald Taylor

Designers: Lauren Indovina, Jon Saunders and Naomi Chen
Editor: Cass Vanini
Director of Photography: Fredrick Elmes
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Lead Technical Director: Alvin Bae
Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner
Lighting Pipeline Technical Director/Still Photographer: Jonah Friedman
Modeling: Helen Choi, Soo Hee Han, Dave Chen
Rigging: Zed Bennett, Amy Hay
Previz: Pat Porter, Kitty Lin, Chris Meek, Minor Gayton
Animation: Pat Porter, Amy Hay, Roman Kobryn, MinSeok Jeon and Stephanie Russell, Michael Shin
VFX Supervisor: Joerg Liebold
VFX: Dave Barosin, Miguel Salek
Lighting Team: Alvin Bae, Helen Choi, Soo Hee Han, Chris Wilson
Hair: Jonah Friedman, Andy Hara
Lead Tracking: Joerg Liebold
Tracking: Mark Lipsmeyer
Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner
Compositors: Jason Conradt, Adam Flynn, Thomas Panayiotou and Jonathan Podwill
Flame: Nick Tanner
Roto: Trace

Footage Transfer: Katabatic

Music House: Human

Audio Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Tom Jucarone

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A fascinating look behind the scenes of AKAMA STUDIO's "VOLKSWAGON HEDGEHOG"


Check out more stuff from AKAMA STUDIO at their website:

"Break the Law of Silence" by Paris based CRCR for Amnesty International

Break The Law of Silence from CRCR on Vimeo.

CRCR is comprised of 5 Gobelins students Remi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, NIcolas Pegon and Jérémy Pires. Check out more of their work on their website.

Opening Sequence for "A Cat in Paris"

"A Cat in Paris" is a French animated feature that is opening last weekend in LA. Apparently it is getting a lot of good reviews. 

"The film made its international premiere at 2011 Berlinale and has been nominated for a European Film Award in the Best Animated Feature category. It has garnered raves on the US and international festival circuit including appearances at San Francisco Int’l Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, London International Film Festival, and Annecy International Animated Film Festival."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

SR-9 Widowmaker (my Ashley Wood homage)

Finally, FINALLY finished this robot.
(UPDATE: Fixed the compression -- apparently Vimeo likes the H.264 codec-- with the keyframes set to whatever frame rate your animation runs at, and set the bitRate to 5000 Kbps [if you're uploading something in HD, set to 2000 for SD])

I modeled the base mesh in Maya, then brought him/her/whatever into Zbrush and textured it, lit it, and rendered all the passes. The decals where made in Illustrator, then touched up in Photoshop. Finally composited everything in After Effects.

Feel free to give me suggestions & critiques, I can definitely use some fresh eyes on this thing -- and hopefully get a better video up ASAP!

The end.

Awesome animated vintage comic book covers by Kerry Callen

View them on Kerry Callen's Blog here:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ni no Kuni

Thirty second clip from "La Luna" Pixar's next short film

Cartoon Brew at Animation Breakdown, currently going on this week at The Cinefamily, is incredibly proud to present a special advance screening of Pixar’s newest Oscar ’short-listed’ short film La Luna, a full six months before it hits the mainstream movie audiences! After the screening there will be a Q&A and a “Making of La Luna” presentation by its director, Enrico Casarosa. Casarosa will discuss the journey that led him to create the short and illustrate the roots, influences, and inspirations that led him to tell this very personal story. Join us at 2pm on Saturday (12/3) – Advance tickets available now.

"Out of Sight" is a student film from Taiwan in which a blind girl in search of her seeing eye dog begins to discover the world on her own.

This is a really cute little short done in the spirit, it seems to me, if not the style of Miyazaki. You can check out a bunch of pre production stuff on the films website, unfortunately the text is all in Mandarin.

out of sight from kynight on Vimeo.

Elastic's "Educate Our State" was animated by non other than MFACA's very own Alan Chen

Educate Our State PSA from Elastic on Vimeo.

Credits below:
Design + Animation | Elastic
Art Director | Lisha Tan
Designs | Leanne Dare + Brian Gosset
Animation |
Alan Chen + Steven Do
Composer | Rama Kolesnikow
Mix | Nick Bozzone, POP Sound

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Be a Vegetarian" by Glossy Rey

Below are a few character designs as well as a After Effects puppet rigg for the dinosaur character.
You can see more here:

Impressive Tribute Montage to London studio Airside 1998-2012

Airside London is closing its doors after 13 years of really great work. This tribute montage lovingly crafted by Megan Riera nearly brought a tear to my eye.

More impressive work from Psyop in this "Enchanted Forest" FedEx Ad

Little known Swiss Artist Hans Erni was a favorite of some of Disney's legendary animators (after looking at the work it is not hard to see why)

So this post is more "Analog" than "Digital" but that is where everything begins anyway so I thought it might be interesting to touch on some of the basics here, namely good draftsmanship.

(Text Courtesy of Deja View)
"Did you ever wonder which artists Disney's animators admired ?
From the conversations I had with them, I can tell you that the range was pretty wide. They all knew about the lively drawings of Heinrich Kley, and they appreciated the realism in Norman Rockwell's work. Frank and Ollie liked Edgar Degas very much, Marc and Milt were big fans of Picasso.
During early visits in the 1980ies to their homes, I noticed that both animators, Marc and Milt kept a framed print by a Swiss artist on the wall.
That artist is Hans Erni, who turned 102 this year, and still draws and paints every day at his studio in Switzerland. His life work includes interpretations of classic themes as well as designs for postage stamps and posters.
When I look at his art, I see a drawing style that echoes the Renaissance.
Classically drawn figures within abstract environments. Marc Davis used this approach in some of his own fine art as well."