Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nissan 240sx

Here's a more complete render of the S14 also know as the Nissan 240sx.

This image is not my final render nut merely a higher res test of the shader and overall feel. It is, however, getting closer to what I'm going for. I still haven't perfected using the physical sky in maya just yet, for now I just used the IBL method.

I'm thinking of  creating  some sort of environment for it. Ant thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Looking nice Amjad. How did you do the textures on the lights? Is that bump mapped? Might look better if that was more transparent. Otherwise the car body shader looks good to me.

  2. Thanks,

    Yeah, it's just a bump map. I agree, that would make them look better. I also need to find a way to make them reflect more light. Maybe a facing ratio utility or something similar.

  3. What does a facing ratio utility do? I don't think I have ever come across that one before.