Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tim Alexander of Lucasfilm describes the process of creating the many and varied characters of "RANGO"

"Rango artists get Down and Dirty on character creation.
Lucasfilm's Tim Alexander took over the Ballroom C/D this morning Wednesday, in Vancouver to show the immense color palette he wanted to use on Rango, but at the early stages of production, he says the rest of the lead crew said, "What are you talking about, we don't do that here." There was a definite Front End, Middle End, and Back End, to the production of the environment, characters and animation of these guys on Rango.
Each of the many, many characters were dirty, smelly and just total unkempt. The artists took a load of references from Sergio Leonie films like 'The Good the Bad and the Ugly", "There will be Blood" and "Once upon a Time in the West". Mark 'Crash' McCreery, Gore Verbinski and Jim Byrkit drove the production with help from the cinematographer of 'True Grit'.
They got the camera designers and modelers, to put together character margquettes of all of the characters, even bit parters and extras, so they knew pretty early they were headed in the right direction. They set up line ups and matched the crowds to environments, colors and finalized sizes, Eye refraction was also an area they took great lengths to nail down early."

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