Monday, August 8, 2011

Oviraptor, Blender 2.5

Hi guys, here's some Blender work... slowly transitioning... :)

oh yeah i think this is my first post too! hahaha...

Update: Model above uses the "Subdivision Surface" modifier, (think of it as mesh smooth for Maya). Interestingly, you can have Blender use the modifier when just rendering, that way, you can work/animate on a low res model until you render, for a quicker PC response, which was very similar to my Maya workflow where I toggled proxy hi res meshes.

Here are the wireframes:


  1. Looking nice Ramon. I like the accents along the hips and the lower edge of the tail as well as the feet and hands. The whole thing has a very fun feel. It would look great animated. Did you model him in that pose or have you rigged this bad boy yet? I'd love to see a wire frame. I've played with blender some more since I talked to you last but I still find the interface a challenge (even in Maya mode) How do you like it for modeling? Looks like your getting pretty comfortable with it.


  2. I'm loving its tools and shortcuts! at first it was really wonky to use, especially transitioning from Maya... it was weird, like I felt like i'm supposed to know this but I didn't... but once you get the hang of it, you can model stuff really really fast!

    I can only do my Blender learning inbetween work though, so I'm not spending as much time with it, so I'm not learning as fast as I did learning Maya back in school.

    Next up figuring out UV mapping, then rigging, then animation!

  3. Keep me posted on your progress man. I expect regular status reports soldier.

  4. I'd like to add though, that I think my Maya hands are pretty screwed up now... the commands/shortcuts/hotkeys are quite different already. I guess I'll have to jump in all the way!

  5. Looking at this again, I wonder if you might need a couple more edge loops in that neck, just for deformation's sake.