Monday, March 28, 2011

3DjOBS Launches New Local Job Search Engine

3DjOBS is pleased to announce the launch of a New Local Job Search Engine with more than 2,000 indexed jobs and counting. The search engine uses a natural search technology to match "job title" with "location" thus providing users with the search results that only match against "all" the keywords searched for. For instance if a user searches for "Technical Director New York" only those jobs would come up in the search results but "Technical Director California" would not. This allows users to narrow down exactly what they are searching for and quickly find relevant jobs they might be looking for. So instead of searching for "game jobs" would result in too many irrelevant results, a user would search for "game jobs toronto" or "film jobs california" instead. After long days and nights of fun testing, everything is now running smoothly, but when there are thousands of lines of code we can say that some bugs got away undetected so we hope that you guys report any bugs that you might encounter.

Every day we add new jobs and index new studios from the industry and continually improve the site by adding new features. We encourage everyone to test out the new search and let us know what you guys think. Recently we signed up on Facebook so if you guys use it then you may also add us. We hope that this new search engine will help many new job seekers, college grads or professionals in the industry find great new jobs and employment. We also have another great big feature in the works that is projected for release sometime in April 2011. So enjoy and check back daily and dont forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Roman Bart

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