Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still working on this thing.

This thing has been taking a whole lot longer than I expected but it is coming together slowly. I think the sand is pretty much done as far as the modeling is concerned I've been working on roughing up the bricks for a while now. I've been doing the whole thing in Maya which in retrospect was probably not a good idea, but C'est la vie. Any who I'd love to hear suggestions or criticism.


  1. wow I remember this! when you're done with it you should get a phD already!

    For the bricks' details have you considered using a bump or displacement map instead?

    Awesome job with the sand dunes.

  2. I think I'll use a texture for the fine detail, but the larger stuff I think I have to sculpt. In retrospect I think I'd probably use a displacement or normal map for more of the details, but I think I'm beyond the point of no return.

    Welcome to the Playpen Ramon (again)

  3. That looks really good so far. The bricks looks really good, I suggest pushing some cracks and crevasses a bit deeper here and there.

    Impressive job with the sand. Even without textures it looks like sand.

    This would be a perfect opportunity to take into zbursh or mudbox to create your displacement and normal maps. You could even go into them with what you have so far.

    Overall though, it looks great.

  4. Thanks Amjad, I was thinking about taking it into Zbrush or Mudbox but the mesh for the bricks is kind of crazy because of all the cracks and stuff so I wasn't sure how well it would sculpt. It seems that the more even and clean the mesh the better it is to sculpt. Never the less I probably will take it into Zbrush to use UV Master to generate the UV Maps for it.

  5. This is looking great Justin - especially the lion statue!

    If you were planning on using something like Zbrush or Mudbox for texturing those bricks, Zbrush's tutorial page has videos on using the Surface Noise feature. Perfect for sculpting rocky textures immediately.
    Could even come in handy for adding subtle texture to the statue itself and the sand too.

    You could probably even get it all done within a matter of minutes if you get familiar enough with the interface.

    Good luck to ye!