Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Works-In-Progress

Here's a couple 3D projects I've been working on --> feedback & critiques are certainly welcome.

The first 3D Illustration piece Im working on will be based on this painting by Ashley Wood:

Not sure if it would make any sense to make the same exact piece, but in 3d, or create a different scene, but with a similar execution. Either way, here's a couple of assets that will be included on the piece:

Robot (front side)

Robot (reverse side)

Thunder 5 Revolver (not really sure what kind of gun is really being used in the painting, but this gun I found on Google seemed just as sinister).

There's a couple other things, but I felt they weren't interesting enough to post as stand-alone objects, but things like grenades and a gun holster will be added to the robot's supply belt.
The geos are a bit heavier than I'd like, but everything that's modeled for the sake of ZBrush needs to have (almost) completely square faces, no stretched rectangles, or diagonally-extruded shapes, or else ZBrush doesn't subdivide the shapes properly.
Everything still needs to be UV'd, but then will color/texture everything in Zbrush.

Speaking of ZBrush, I got hit with a dose of nostalgia last week when my co-workers played a couple episodes of Rocko's Modern Life, so I wanted to try out ZBrush's modeling tools, including the ZSpheres, and this is what I have so far:

Shirt coming soon! For now, Rocko is an exhibitionist.

Also coming soon, a model of Christopher Walken's face --- but for now, observe Figure 1.1:


  1. Nice work, the robot looks good and that's a sweat gun. Looking forward to the completed model. Are you gonna rig it?

    Rocko's coming along quite nicely.

    Ahh, the esteemed Walken, now that is something I'd like to see.

    Good luck with the work.

  2. cool man! Ashley has been one of my favorite artists. I can't wait to see the final looks of the robot. Keep going!