Monday, December 20, 2010


Here is a 3 min quick environment concept I get inspired by Justin's thesis. I use Screenflow to record the whole drawing process, if you want you may download the application from the site here:

Sorry for low quality with this first post, need to spend more time to figure out the best presentation with condensed format.

 For some peoples' information, I list some tips I used to use with photoshop digital painting:
1. With brush tools selected, hold 'Option' then you can use dropper to grab the color on canvas.
2. Always draw with navigator window opened, that help you to preview the whole compostition.
3. Use Gradient Map to adjust your images, combined with blending mode, to find the best tones for your works.

I hope it helps, and please feel free to drop a line if you have any comments, questions.



  1. Wow, nice work! That was very quickly & efficiently done.

    What kind of blending-modes do you find yourself using the most with your brush strokes? Unless you stick with the layer's blending modes?

  2. Thanks Chris.
    I don't really stick to one specific blending mode when I draw. When finishing a sketch at one level, I usually apply a gradient map on it(adjustment layer), then scroll blending mode menu until I feel good with the tones.

    Hope it answers. Let me know:)