Wednesday, December 22, 2010


By Amjad Olabi

This is my latest 3D illustration. I wanted to get some feedback about this piece so any comments or crits would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  1. This is great! If have to be criticizing, maybe.. you can add more depth and try different framing to reveal the characters. Also, a bit exaggeration might help to stand out the character's personality.

  2. Nice work Amjad. I think Shih Heng has some good points. You might also consider what time of day you want it to be right now the light is kind of flat. Also more color in the shadows might be nice. Consider the background and how it helps frame the shot and tell the story. Grass on the ground looks great. Is that paint effects?

  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the comments. Something did feel off about it, your comments will be handy.
    The grass is actually painted in photoshop, I used David Nagel brushes.