Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Animation Master has passed.

My hero Frederic Back has passed. His animations have forever changed and influenced me. And more, he was truly able to live by his convictions, in life and in art. He did them as one in the same, from my perspective he must have never had to 'work' a day in his life. A rare and extraordinary artist and man. HERE is a link to some of his work. And HERE to his website to learn more.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Pale Blue Dot" by ORDER

Pale Blue Dot from ORDER on Vimeo.

A visual response to Carl Sagan's famed 'Pale Blue Dot' monologue, where he muses on our planet's appearance in a photograph taken by the Voyager 1 space probe. The most distant photograph ever taken of Earth. This was a free-time project, designed and created in After Effects with extensive sound work created to sit along side the music from Cosmos and spoken word from Sagan. I had wanted to bring visuals to Sagan's words for some time and finished this after working on it periodically over the last 3 months. Thanks for taking the time to view.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Paperman Breakdown by John Kahrs -- via itsartmag

"This is a great first look at the technology and techniques that have been created for and used on the animated short, "Paperman".
If you don't know what Paperman is, check out the links below.  Director, John Kahrs and the team working on this film have definitely put a lot of thought and heart into it.
The line between 2D and 3D is slowly beginning to blend together.  The debate between mediums will continue, no doubt, but Paperman is sure to break some new ground and combine the best of both worlds.  We shall see.
Has anyone actually seen the short film in its entirety yet?  We'd love to hear what you thought of it."

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Late Night Work Club

Late Night Work Club from Late Night Work Club on Vimeo.

"Here comes Late Night Work Club! LNWC is a collective of indie animators. That is, animators who do independent, non-commercial work. Or, in some cases, animators who do commercial work, but are also up to the wee hours of the night making non-commercial rock your socks off work. Scott Benson has more info and images on his blog. Stellar lineup below.

Late Night Work Club is Scott Benson, Charles Huettner, Eimhin McNamara, Eammon O’neill, Caleb Wood, Sean Buckelew, Dave Prosser, Jake Armstrong, Erin Kilkenny,Alexx Grigg, Daniella Orsini, Christen Bach, Connor Finnegan, Louise Bagnall, Ciaran Duffy, and Andy Rohrmann (aka Scientific American)."

Train Of Thought

Train Of Thought from Thaddaeus Andreades on Vimeo.
This project was completed in 3 weeks! My partner and I are Sophomores in the undergraduate Computer Animation program at SVA. All modeling, texturing, lighting and animation was done using maya. We used the maya software renderer. No Dynamics were used in the making of this film, only hand animation!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Real Bears - DC from Lucas Zanotto

The Real Bears - DC from Lucas Zanotto on Vimeo.

This is the director's cut of the The Real Bears, a film I directed and animated for a campaign to reduce the consumption of soda and other sugary drinks.
The music and sound design were done by Nikolai von Sallwitz.

More info here: (with a score by Jason Mraz)

Director/Designer/Animator: Lucas Zanotto
Executive Creative Director: Alex Bogusky
Client: CSPI - Center for Science in the Public Interest
Agency: Common (Boulder, CO) and The Butler Bros. (Austin, TX)

Executive Producers: Marty & Adam Butler

Writers: Ronny Northrop & Ryan Kutscher

Art Director: Stefanie Hermsdorf

Account Director: Mark Ekhardt

Producer: Amanda Fox

Music: Jason Mraz

Guitar and mix: Bill Bell 

Horn parts: Grooveline Horns 

Offline/Online Editor: Travis Wurges

Sound Design: Nikolai von Sallwitz

Mix: Travis Wurges

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

La Poste - Pliages

La Poste - Pliages from edouard salier on Vimeo.

La Poste _ Pliages
Agency: BETC
Director: Edouard Salier
Producer: Mourad Belkeddar
Production Company: Iconoclast
Post producer: Clement Pignal
Post-production company: Digital District
Art Direction : Marthe Salier & Francois Peyranne
Music: Amadou & Mariam _ Sabali - Official trailer 2012 - Official trailer 2012 from Steffen K on Vimeo.

The Gaian Project celebrates nature. With its yearly digital album release inlcuding designs,
music and articles it inspires to preserve our planet.

In 2010, Steffen Knoesgaard, Fredrik Ekholm and Simon Holmedal,
created the first ever moving imagery for the community art project
Gaia: The Gaia10 official trailer. Two years later the project has
changed from coordinated yearly releases, into an ongoing collab-
oration as the community run website

To mark the new direction of the community, curator Marius Bauer
returned to Steffen and Fredrik and commissioned an updated trailer.
Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to blow off some creative
steam, they conceptualized an idea to recreate the trailer based
on the original thoughts, but updated for 2012.

During the process designer/animator Linus Lundin - a long
time collaborator, joined the project as well as musician
and sound designer Jochen Mader.

Read more about the project at
Process and inspiration:


Design & direction
Fredrik Ekholm -
Steffen Knoesgaard -

Character design
Linus Lundin -

Production -

Sound design
Jochen Mader - Audionerve - curator
Marius Bauer -

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Shelter" by Carl Burton

Shelter from Carl Burton on Vimeo.

An epic secret world is revealed within an attic during a rainstorm.

Show support by purchasing a download bundle! Contains:
Digital HD Copy + "Making-Of" PDF + Wallpapers for $3
Bundle and T-Shirts available here:

Main animation site:
Inspiration Tumblr:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"DIGITIZED" by Tony Zagoraios

DIGITIZED from Tony Zagoraios on Vimeo.

We were asked to create the opening titles for Digitzed 2012(A digital design conference in Greece was such a pleasure finding ourselves experimenting and trying new things and styles.
Special thanx s to Konstantinos Penlidis and Demetrios Fakinos.

Music:Virtual Boy-The Future Holds A Beat
Alpha Pup Records -

Tony Zagoraios:Motion Design/3D Animation
Stavros Kypraios:Graphic Design